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Alaska Cruise Part I

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

My recent trip to Alaska. The cruise was 2 weeks long and here is the first week of the cruise.

Vaping it up on a cruise in alaska

What’s up fellow vapers! Just got back from a wonderful twelve day cruise that went to Alaska! I had an amazing time and the state was absolutely beautiful; filled with fresh trees, fresh air, fresh fish, fresh crabs, and fresh ocean air! Alaska has a unique geography as a large part of it is a temperate rain forest, while at the same time bordering the Pacific Ocean, resulting in a temperate oceanic climate.

In my opinion, this is definitely one of the better climates on this planet, maybe just slightly cold during the winter. Of course I had to bring the Vmod and the Magic 710, my favorite cartridge vaporizor batteries, along with my Heavy Hitters' Girl Scout cookies, Brass Knuckles' Wedding Cake and Bio Delta Labs' Jack Herer to experience the Last Frontier.These cartridges were filled with THC, CBD, and terpenes, and the pairing with the Vmod and Magic 710 resulted in the ultimate cruise ship vaping experience!

The boat that I boarded was the Star Princess, an astonishing Grand-class cruise ship made by Fincantieri in Italy. The Star Princess has a length of 289 meters, a capacity of 3,100 passengers and 1,205 crew, and a top speed of 24 knots. There was an endless supply of tasty food (except from 3 A.M. to 6:30 A.M.) and usually during normal hours there was usually always something that entertained me and every night there was at least two shows, such as singing, dancing, magic, stand-up, that were highly entertaining. I brought the Vmod and magic 710 with me wherever I went on the ship! In the morning, I stuck with the Sativa cartridge to wake me up and get my mind stimulated and thinking for the day. During the shows on the ship, I usually brought the indica cartridge, so I was nice and couch-locked to enjoy the incredible performances.

Vaping in Ketchikan Vmod Magic Vape, Weed, 420, Cannibas

The first stop was Ketchikan a small coastal city that originated as a Native village. I did not bring any THC cartridges off to scout what the security was like. It rained here, so unfortunately my seaplane tour was cancelled, so instead I went on boat tour. The bus driver driving to the tour drove like a maniac in a big ass bus on rainy conditions. I was slightly worried, but I got the feeling from her that she did this all the time, as Ketchikan does have an average rainfall of 153 inches. The boat tour was dope, and I really got to enjoy the temperate forest where I saw them feed an eagle and pull out crabs from the ocean floor. Afterwards I ate all you can eat fresh crabs dipped in butter, eating until I was in a daze. Downtown Ketchikan was cool, with jewelry stores, tourist traps, and art dealers. I definitely missed my batteries and cartridges waiting for me back at the cabin.

The next stop was Juneau, this time I tried to bring my vape battery down just so I could be high in the capital of Alaska! The layout of this city was very interesting. At Juneau, I went on a bus tour to the Mendenhall Glacier and walked around the Tongass National Forest. Afterwards, the bus went to Glacier Gardens, a beautiful garden where you get to experience the Alaskan terrain, and also get to enjoy their signature uprooted tree pots. Afterwards, the bus went into a salmon hatchery, which was very interesting. Here they take the babies and raise them, releasing them when they become older. After, I checked out the town, went into a camera shop, a book shop, and a smoke shop. The next tour was a dogsledding tour, which was really cool, especially if you love dogs. I got to see Iditarod champions, and actual Iditarod Sled Dog’s train on the offseason. These dogs can run in -700 degrees Fahrenheit blizzard conditions! After that, I went to the bar and had a drink, returning to the ship for some entertainment and poker action! This stop was so much better not only because I was able to stay high throughout but there was so much more to do. At the end of the day when returning to the cruise I had finished and thrown away the cartridge. I was able to bring the V mod battery back through security with no issues.

To Be Continued....

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