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Alaska Cruise II

vape on the princess cruise ship
Star Princess Hamilton

Continuing on with the cruise, the third stop we arrived at the historic town of Skagway, home of “Soapy” Smith, the infamous conman of the Yukon Gold Rush; this time I brought down the Magic Vape and the Heavy Hitters Girl Scout Cookies with me. Here I went on a bus ride all through the Yukon trail, which was extremely rough terrain, eventually entering Canada. We stopped at Caribou crossing, where there was a nice BBQ meal, dog sledding, Mountie museum, petting zoo, and more. Afterwards we went to Carcross, a First Nation community. Afterwards, I took the train back to the ship, where I got to see up close the rough terrain of the Yukon Trail. The small discrete magic vape was the perfect battery to bring along as it was easily concealable and able to hit all day. The things that the men and animals endured here must have truly been horrific; Men literally turning into beasts from the demonic greed released by the yellow, shiny, soft metal. I heard a story of a man who forced his sled dogs to the point of exhaustion and then drowned them and killed himself. After the train tour, I had a drink and a good vape at the local saloon where “Soapy” Smith drank. I heard from the bus tour driver that there was a dispensary in Skagway, but I found out from the bartender that it was already closed for the day.

V mod Thc Vape

The next day was glacier day! I woke up a little late, but caught most of the beautiful glaciers up close. I did not get to see the caveat, unfortunately. The Star Princess navigated up close to the glaciers for some spectacular views. Vaping Brass Knuckles Girl Scout Cookies out of the crimson red Vmod while watching the glaciers was an amazing experience. Spent the rest of the day eating, drinking, gambling, and being entertained from the various shows provided by the cruise ship. I also went in the Jacuzzi as it was leaving the park, watching the glaciers pass as I soaked in hot water, of course, vaping the Vmod! The next day was at sea, where I mainly just chilled. I had a good breakfast, walked around the plaza, got drunk, watched football, watched the country show, played poker, and got really high thanks to the Vmod. It was pretty relaxing ripping the Magic 710 paired with the Heavy Hitters Wedding Cake while going through my day.

thc vape weed cartridge
V Mod Vape & Sunset

The next stop was Victoria, a beautiful city in Canada. We got off and walked into Canada, where we went on a bus to Butchart Gardens. This was a beautiful and giant garden, and where we spent most of our time, as there was not a lot of time allotted for Victoria. The gardens were beautiful and divided into many different section, filled with fountains and beautiful, fragrant, flora. My favorite part of the garden was the shady lookout into a small bay, where the family would spend their summer days. Unfortunately I left my vape on the boat as I was concerned with entering Canada, but their security was a joke; It was harder to get onto the cruise ship then it is to get into Canada. They legalized weed though, which is dope!

Spent the last two days at sea, getting super high, and eating an unbelievable amount of food. I swam in the pool, while watching the football games, hit the Vmod and Magic Vape an unbelievable amount (had to finish the cartridges, as I was not gonna bring them back), played poker, shopped, and watched the various highly entertaining shows provided by Princess. Did I mention I ate an unbelievable amount of food? I also got into the Jacuzzi a few more times; something about being in a Jacuzzi while surrounded by the ocean while vaping was incredibly fun. On the final day, said goodbye to all the friends that I had made and prepared to become a landlubber again. The next few days definitely felt like I was on a rocky boat. The Vmod and Magic Vape definitely made this trip all the more memorable. Vape on!

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